TMI Sunday that I’m Sharing on Tuesday

July 28, 2009

Jordan: When did you decide this, at what point did you conclude that you wanted to break up with me?

Me: Jordan, I don’t know that I’d call this a break up.  I mean we’ve been out a few times and have had some fun together but I didn’t think that either of us was that invested.

Jordan: Call it what you want, call it whatever makes it easier for you.  But I still want an answer.  Was it before or after we fucked last night?

Me: It was when we watched that stupid Kevin Costner movie.  I knew that I’d never kiss you like that.

Jordan: Just get the fuck out.

Me: Jordan, we’re at my place.



  1. LOL! Really? I am sorry but “Jordan, we’re at my place.” I lost it. Strong work!

  2. love this.

  3. God you’re an ass but that was funny. Vote on Jordan to get a hottie before you do

  4. Wow, agree with Heidi on this. You do suck! Jordan is probably lucky to get rid of you!

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