The Nose Knows… But Would He?

December 22, 2009

I need help, interwebs.

Many, many years ago, I dated a guy.

He was a good guy, the kind of guy I still occasionally check in with and say “Hey, how are things? How’s your niece doing? What’s new?” and the like. The romance itself is long dead and buried, but I certainly wish him well.

The thing is, he used to wear this cologne. This absolutely MAGICAL, ridiculously-expensive-but-totally-worth-it cologne. It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelled… basically, it’s as if those ridiculous “Axe” commercials came to life.

Yeah. This stuff is THAT good.

SO, it’s been years since I’ve smelled it, obviously, because I am not crazy and didn’t steal any of his to spray on a pillow or whatnot when we split. (This is not a joke. I really didn’t. Though I kind of wish I had.)

And then, this morning, I was grabbing my cup o’ joe at Starbucks when…


Absolutely, 100%, in no way mistakeable… THAT SCENT. That delicious, uber-sensual, I want to eat your face right now! SCENT.

And despite the fact that the man responsible more than slightly resembled Nick Nolte’s mugshot

I totally wanted to climb him.

So my question to you, internet, is this.

How wrong would it be if I perhaps bought a bottle of said miracle cologne for the man that I am now in love with?

I adore the smell, not the ex, after all…



  1. oh, buy it.
    i feel that way about the cologne my boyfriend wears. and i swear if we ever break up, im totally buying it for the next guy. 😉

  2. As a guy, I agree with CrazyAssMomma – buy it already. It’s not like recycling an engagement ring for a second time. Sure every man’s scent is personal, but cologne is not. You love this scent, and it would only help you love him more… or at least be even more attracted to him than you already are. I see no conflict here, and even if I learned the “truth” about the origins of your history with the scent, I wouldn’t care.

  3. a guy asked me to wear a certain perfume, because it drove him wild, and yes, he had first smelled it on a girlfriend he had years ago. i was happy to do it, and have continued to wear it since he and i lost contact. never bothered me a bit because it drove him wild, and it wasn’t about someone he was still pining for.

    go for it.

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